KinaExpert has witnessed the demand for cost-effective and innovated products for the past decade. Despite the changes in product demand and new trends, there are some key items that remain unchanged. Our goal is to become a one-stop shop for all who are looking for innovative and cost-effective products.  

Our Story

Since 2015 we have researched and experimented with the concept of combining supply chain management and Wholesaling.   Our expert presented our result data to some of our top hand-picked companies and factories China has to offer. We quickly found our partners allowing us to both be a drop shipper and distributor. Inspiring our company's name "kinaExpert" and the slogan "Bringing China Closer".

Our Category

On our category pages, you will find everything from wireless sports headphones and portable speakers to game accessories!

Some of our absolute best sellers are phone accessories and we offer you a lot to choose from! 

We hope you find our product catalog exciting and let you inspire the opportunities that exist. This catalog should be a tool for ordering our products.  For additional information about products, partnership, free sample, etc contact us, we are there for you.